Additional Hosting?

    Hmmmmmm...... We are thinking if we need an additional (or new hosting provider)... Wondering why? Well, we thought our current provider is ok, actually, they're great! However, the feature we'd like for them to fix to make the ARG experience better was the FTP login... We were thinking over if we'd need to (at some point) allow players to interact with the FTP aspect of the game, however, the way FTP is setup with out provider is that you login to the url of the site (e.g. but then use some weird username which is *inser ugly code here*-username (e.g.

    FAILTECH Episode 1 Complete!

    As you may already know, the first episode for the FAILTECH Mythos/Universe has concluded. However, since TINAG websites are still continuously being updated, and as a part of that, we are building this OOG (Out Of Game) site where you can find updates, news, and other kinds of things that's happening behind the curtain. Rest assured this site will only contain information that has not yet been released in the game. Also, if the game is actively running (if an episode is running) we will set this site offline and will not be available to the public.


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