Episode 5!

    I know we haven't used this site, OR the wiki site. Neither did we announce the beginning of Episode 4! OMG, where has time went? We don't know either, let's ask Genus about that. Heh!

    Anyways, we're now at Episode 5! Roughly 2 months that this ARG is up and running! What do we plan to do after all of this over? Wait, will this ever end? I don't know. One way or another, this season will end. We have plans, and hopefully there's still people who would take part in making history.

    It's September

    Yep, quite a break from all of the things going on. I hope you are all keeping yourself busy and entertained. To answer a few questions here they are based on what we've read on the forums.

    1) Is what's happening a preparation for Episode 4?
    -- Uhm, yes and no. Depending on which one you're talking about.
    2) When will Episode 4 come up?
    -- Soon, no exact date yet, but I think we have already suggested an relative time.

    Episode 3 Complete

    Ok, we're sad for Episode 3 to end this way. We know. We know. But hey, we'll be back! With a bigger crew! Plus, we'll be doing a bit of expansion for this universe. A little bit of side-lines and backstory. Yes? Great! We'll see you soon!

    Oh, and the wiki looks pretty good right now. http://argwiki.failtechnologies.com/

    Wiki Wiki

    In case you didn't get the memo, we just setup a wiki site so that people can start documenting the ARG. We know we could do it ourselves, but we think it would be better if the community built and wrote the wiki themselves. Right? Hit up http://argwiki.failtechnologies.com to see the wiki

    Episode 3

    Wait what? It's the third episode already? whooooooooooaaaaaaaa!!

    Yes, hello and welcome to the third episode! So what awaits? What else will we discover? dun dun dunnnn.... Anyways, back to the game we are!

    FAILTECH Wallpaper

    Just in case you were interested in the new wallpaper on the company site... Here it is :)

    full image at: http://arg.failtechnologies.com/sites/default/files/field/image/failtech...
    Yes, it's 16:9 image, but we made sure it's 4:3 compatible

    Cipher Joke

    How many Cipher joke can you make? I have one cipher joke for every time you make a joke about ciphers.

    Get it? no? *sigh* I know it was lame

    The First Spam

    Ah, although we are actually expecting this to happen spam has finally started to roll into our emails. Although we do want to reply to every email, as we don't know if what's really legit or not since we're running FAILTECH here, and it's an ARG, we really can't do it anymore and have to selectively reply to emails.

    Text Log

    So last night was the night the participants rebooted LAINSY (and things didn't go well), but anyways, I am not here to discuss the story.

    Calling for FAIL

    Yep, Episode 2 is up! And to begin our journey, we're making the participants call for fail... I mean, call for the company through an actual phone number. Yep, sounds fancy as it is and it's darn good. We have setup the number to go directly to voicemail, and participants will have a chance to hear LAINSY. Ain't that even fancier, eh? Also, Daniel will personally call you. Aaawww, that's so sweet! I wonder what will his wife say about this? heh


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