Pushing the Schedule Back

    Due to some unforeseen events that had to happen as we go along our intermission, we will be pushing back a couple of things on our schedule (which none outside the curtain knows of) back a little bit. We're still on track on the Summer Season 2 release, and rest assured that

    Having fun yet?

    As you may already know, today marks the beginning of the Season Break filler that a couple of us are doing to keep you guys active and in shape. The filler will be most about Season 1 and a dabble in some Season 2 content. Basically, it's your transition over to Season 2. We hope you all have fun an enjoy the short filler.

    See you in Alberta!

    Season 1 Is Over

    Congratulation to each one of us for reaching this milestone of the FAILTECH ARG. Everything went up and down and we had memorable moments we could never forget. Running roughly 8 month, I'm sure it's not only us who has made FAILTECH a part of their lives in one way or another.

    We look forward to seeing you all in the next season as we explore a new brand new FAILTECH. And as a bonus, here's a screenshot of how many email addresses we monitor everyday awaiting for incoming emails from you guys:

    Alexander Sword Fan Picture


    Thanks the Stella Loomis (http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=26896) for this wonderful fan pic she made! Shows the aliases of Alexander Sword used in the game. :D

    Certificate Trouble

    We might be a little bit delayed on our replies on email as it seems there has been troubles with the encryption certificates our provider is using to encrypt our login data sent over to their servers. We haven't had this troubles since today, so we're taking some precautions. If ever somebody else did hi-jack our logins, we do sincerely apologize if ever you are troubled by getting suspicious emails from us that are out of the usual.

    Welcome to Episode 7

    We are well aware things have wound down and settling... We're getting busy as well, and so are most of the players. There are still some who still keep up which is why we're still giving them something to do and to unlock somemysteries still in the FAILTECH mythos. Be forewarned that we have set on plan that Episode 7 will conclude the first season of this ARG, where the next season will start on the release of the book our writer has been working on.

    Apologies, but we have delay

    Due to unforseen circumstances, the mind who runs the storyline is currently hospitalized. While the rest of the team can still perform regular procedures, anything related to the story cannot progress because most of them require aproval from him or he does it himself. Thus, at this moment we are stuck and can't perform accordingly.

    We dearly apologize to everyone about this. We hope he'll be fine and back in a few days. His condition isn't that bad so we're pretty sure he'll be fine. Until then, the ARG is on a "pause".

    And again, we're sorry about this.

    Episode 6 + Wiki Down

    Apologies if you noticed that the wiki site is 404'ed... We took it down for the time being since it hasn't been updated for a while... And that no one on the team is available at the moment to update it. Also, there has been quite a lot of spam posts on it so we decided to take it down.

    Answering some questions

    We've been reading the forums and we do agree that the game has became quite complex and "unsolved".

    We'll be answering a couple of question without spoiling anything (or at least anything that you'll be actively participating in). Ok, we won't be directly answering your question, but instead let us tell you some background information and some future plans...

    Sidereus Tracking System Explained

    We have already created this system a while back, and didn't really intend to use. However, due to the "cryptic" nature of it, we decided to push through and use it. I think we have already explain it well enough how to reverse STS from five coordinates to one...

    1) Average first three lowest coordinates, based on their absolute value. Answer to that will be called M.
    2) Now, average M and the other two coordinates. The answer will be called N.
    3) Average M and N to get the real coordinates.


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