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The First Spam

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    Ah, although we are actually expecting this to happen spam has finally started to roll into our emails. Although we do want to reply to every email, as we don't know if what's really legit or not since we're running FAILTECH here, and it's an ARG, we really can't do it anymore and have to selectively reply to emails.

    Such as this one instance, we received an email to two of the game addresses form the same person. Not much surprising, we didn't reply to that person, yet, due to the fact that he was marked as spam by both our provider and Mozilla Thuderbird. Now, few hours later, we got an email supposedly from the same guy asking us to switch to gmail.... Yes, it is in fact from Google. However, if you really are knowledgeable, you know we can't switch to Google since we're using official addresses ( because it fits. What you want your so called company send you an email from It doesn't look legit. Seriously.

    Anyways, just a short rant from us. Might be unnecessary, but hey, we already use gmail and other google stuff in case you haven't noticed. Thanks for the invite, we have considered the idea and decide not to go there.

    Soon, I guess we'll be expecting more spam. Not surprising, but we'd just be much happier if they don't come.

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