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    So last night was the night the participants rebooted LAINSY (and things didn't go well), but anyways, I am not here to discuss the story.

    Last night, we had to panic edit and upload the index file so that we can show the continuously updating LAINSY reboot logs, or monitor, or whatever it's called. In the process, we've had some typos. I think that was normal since we're manually entering the information. Then, it made us think that maybe, we should have just relied on a script that would automatically update the logs. That would be better right? Yes, in theory, but execution can be a little bit unstable since we're doing most of the story on the spot without much planning.

    Heck, we didn't even think we'll need to do the reboot on this episode. We actually thought of doing it for the next one. Things went fast, again. I think that was ok, but now we slowed things down a bit. Last night was a hell of a night for us and the participants. Keeping things in check and making sure we can respond to the participants in a timely manner, while delivering the story as it happens. It's great to see the story unfolds in real time, as it happens. We think that experience must have been one of kind for the participants.

    Being in this group of people collectively waiting as the event happens, and seeing if the character involved were ok, and all that. It's been a great experience for us, too. We think everyone who has been actively been involved in this ARG (behind and outside the curtain) can easily say that "It happened so fast, I can't simply put into words what just happened"

    I hope you enjoyed that segment of the episode as much as we did.

    P.S. We don't proof-read most of the things we type on the email and on the websites (unless they're really planned, heck even robots don't *wink*)

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