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Additional Hosting?

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    Hmmmmmm...... We are thinking if we need an additional (or new hosting provider)... Wondering why? Well, we thought our current provider is ok, actually, they're great! However, the feature we'd like for them to fix to make the ARG experience better was the FTP login... We were thinking over if we'd need to (at some point) allow players to interact with the FTP aspect of the game, however, the way FTP is setup with out provider is that you login to the url of the site (e.g. but then use some weird username which is *inser ugly code here*-username (e.g. u7987898-admin) and then your password... We just think having that pattern of login username is just *NOT* immersive and will lead to participants feeling that this is just a game.

    Meeeeeeeeeh, and that's why we're thinking of a new provider. However, we can of course build our own server at home, but that just won't be as reliable when multiple people start logging-in and downloading files simultaneously. And also if ever where we would plug this server, the network would be affected by the people who would use the internet... Are you getting what we're saying?

    Dedicated hosting allows the "premium" of having a single username (e.g. admin) as a login, however, those can be expensive and we don't really have the budget for that. We don't really plan to put ftp into play on ep2, however, we still need to decide on this. What's your say?

    P.S. have you seen the new slideshow on the failtech website? hahaha, so much stock photos there... lol

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