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Certificate Trouble

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    We might be a little bit delayed on our replies on email as it seems there has been troubles with the encryption certificates our provider is using to encrypt our login data sent over to their servers. We haven't had this troubles since today, so we're taking some precautions. If ever somebody else did hi-jack our logins, we do sincerely apologize if ever you are troubled by getting suspicious emails from us that are out of the usual.

    We have contacted our provider and we are just waiting for their response regarding this. Even their own website is having certificate troubles as even our browsers try to prevent us from getting to their site to get their contact info. As a precaution, we haven't logged in to the admin section of our provider to prevent anyone else from getting the master password for everything. However, we are operating our emails in a "manual override mode" because our email client keeps on telling us that the email server's certificate is "invalid" although we do not think much about it being a big security risk. Email login passwords are still encrypted as sent, however, if the certificate indeed is falsified then any man-in-the-middle attacks would prove this useless as they could decrypt the password.

    We are still getting all of your emails as normal, we are still able to send out emails as well. The troubles has only started a few minutes ago, and might only be a minor trouble. However, we won't take this lightly as it not only decreases your confidence in us, but also our confidence in our current provider. We all do hope everything get's resolved and that normal secure connections go back soon.

    UPDATE: RESOLVED, it was just a minor glitch. Apparently their servers were serving the invalid certificates. Everything now has resumed to normal. We will continue to monitor everything just in case something did slip out and cause trouble.

    However, their website is still "invalid" so that's still off limits for us. Their email servers now give valid and verified certificates, so everything it that is now secure, again.

    -- FAILTECH ARG Team

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