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Welcome to Episode 7

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    We are well aware things have wound down and settling... We're getting busy as well, and so are most of the players. There are still some who still keep up which is why we're still giving them something to do and to unlock somemysteries still in the FAILTECH mythos. Be forewarned that we have set on plan that Episode 7 will conclude the first season of this ARG, where the next season will start on the release of the book our writer has been working on. Of course, as promised, those who has been with up up to this Episode, including those who played a significant role and participated actively in the past episodes will receive a copy of the book for FREE. We plan on sending out THREE physical copies of the book (special ARG player edition) to five players, whom of which we will select based on their contributions to the ARG. Others will then be sent digital copies of the book (DRM free) in any preferred format that they choose (pdf, epub, doc)

    We will contact the selected players once we will start sending out the copies. Be advised that the physical book will contain certain contents that won't be available in the digital version. Nonetheless, we hope everyone enjoys the freebies we will be giving out for being a part of the first year of FAILTECH.

    Good luck and see you back in the world!

    -- FAILTECH ARG Team

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