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Episode 6 + Wiki Down

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    Apologies if you noticed that the wiki site is 404'ed... We took it down for the time being since it hasn't been updated for a while... And that no one on the team is available at the moment to update it. Also, there has been quite a lot of spam posts on it so we decided to take it down.

    Anyways, going to the part that matters most! Welcome to Episode 6! Yeah, things happen... Quite a busy episode for all of us, quite literally. It's almost December so before we forget we'd just greet you ahead a very great and well celebrated December Event (Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, etc) which ever you maybe celebrating this year. Also, this may seem too late, but happy thanksgiving to our American players! We know you guys have been busy and away, but of course TINAG and thing still progress... We know, it's also quite hard for us to keep up as well!

    We love you guys, you've been great! Not quite the Episode 5 as we planned to be, but we hope our Holiday Season becomes much more fruitful! Happy Holidays!

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