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Answering some questions

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    We've been reading the forums and we do agree that the game has became quite complex and "unsolved".

    We'll be answering a couple of question without spoiling anything (or at least anything that you'll be actively participating in). Ok, we won't be directly answering your question, but instead let us tell you some background information and some future plans...

    The storyline of the game was initially been meant to stand alone on it's own... However, a bit later on in the game we then merged the game into the storyline of a prospective novel that our game writer is writing since last year. We won't be revealing much about the novel, just yet. Now, as you already probably think, yes the novel is about 45459 and his "adventure" so we basically didn't loose him when he went to that alternate future. We'll follow his story later in the game and in the novel slated for next year.

    So yes, what happens in the game right now WILL affect the story of the novel. Quite unique, if you ask us. Now, those who have been bearing with us and has stayed with us since the beginning or at least until a particular part of the ARG will be receiving a copy of the novel completely free of charge as a thank you gift for participating and influencing the progress of the novel's story. Yes you can be credited if you want to, either with your forum username or your real name which ever you prefer, however we will only credit you if you've been with us until a particular goal has been met. We'll email you to ask you if you want to be credited or not and how to be credited if you do choose to. Of course you can choose not to receive our gift, but we'd be happy if you accept our gift, even if you don't intend to read it. Physical and digital copies will be available and you can choose which format to receive (or you can choose both, if you prefer). Both copies will be a special version that will include some special content intended for the ARG players. And yes, the digital copy will be completely DRM-free.

    Some characters in the ARG will of course make their appearance in the novel (if they survive). Also, some still unanswered questions is truly intended to be answered later on. As long as you guys post your ideas and theories in the forums we'll make sure to make the game very interesting. Right now, there's not much of active players so we're kinda slowing down on thing making the game and the story quite difficult to follow and extremely complex as we try to create something interesting but instead they create more complexity.

    Now, we won't be introducing much of anything new and intend to answer most of those unanswered questions. We hope you all still keep up and please bear with us as we try to get things back to "how they were". Are you ready? We are! Let's go!

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