Welcome Back

    Hello again!

    We all know the end of the previous season was really, REALLY rough. A lot of untied ends, but a new team has come to help on board and we hope to provide a new experience for all. We'll be keeping it fairly classic, but most things will be on a discovery basis. Keep track of clues, and follow the trail. Let's all go deep into the rabbit hole!

    -- FAILTECH ARG Team 2014

    Switching Gears

    Due to extremely low player activity, the game will now auto resolve to conclude Season 2. The auto resolution period will begin today and will finalize on 27 July 2013. During the auto resolution period, participation is still available to alter results. The story will continue here: http://www.wattpad.com/20715605-failtech-s2-links-and-alterations

    ItAllStarted Archive

    It's been a while! A long while, actually.

    Be advised that we have archived and locked in the current ItAllStarted.com content. It is now located at http://archive.itallstarted.com/scherbakov (Micael Ajax is located at /ajax)

    Universe Directory

    Is it hard for you to keep track of what's going on? Well, we are now introducing (a totally OOG site) that will help! Just hit up http://www.failtech.info for a directory of websites, and phone numbers (and probably other things later on) so that you can easily visit some or all of the websites involved in this ARG.

    Oh, and yes, we are actually indicating sites that players may have not found, yet, and sites that are in the back burner. There are also a short descriptive status which can help you know which sites we are actively working on.


    Be advised that the PO BOX Address we previously used is no longer available to us. If you intend to send us and physical mail, please contact us first at argSPLATfailtechnologies.com and we'll provide you with an address you can safely send your mail to.

    LAINSY Love by Lystella

    Oh Lystella! You are so adorable! Thanks for making another fan pic!

    Her forum profile over here: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=26896

    Season 2 : ENGAGED

    Welcome back everyone! Another year, another adventure! What awaits for FAILTECH and everyone? We'll have to figure it out!

    Season 2, LET'S GO!!!!

    We've got something for Season 2

    Hmm.... Let's play some mind game... Guess what the package!

    Because it has been quiet, let us make some noise!

    Attached is a preview of the contents of the book... Yep, 19 Chapters! Sounds like a full fledged Novel!

    Due to the length of the book and the time it takes to push the Draft copies of the book for peer review and proof-reading, we might be pushing things back further than planned. While we still intend a summer release, we might push thing a bit further back. We do sincerely apologize for the delay. Season 2 is still holding up as scheduled, and we do intend to start it on time!

    Proof Reading: In Progress

    The first half of the novel has passed final draft and pushed for Proof Reading... Here's a snippet of the "rest" of the novel... Have a good feel for it as a preview of things to come!

    * Yes this was shared over instagram by one of our proof-readers...


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